Content Foundry Review: Content Generation for GSA SER & RankWYZ

content foundry review

If like me, you have been spending time ranking sites using tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker and RankWYZ, then you will know they require an insatiable amount of unique content for them to work properly.

Up until recently I have been using Kontent Machine for most of my content generation. While it is very simple to use, plus effective at scraping and spinning content and putting them in useful formats, it does mean most of the content I generate is coming from the same place.

Plus with so many people now using KM, and given that even with spam, we need to be using the most unique content available, I was beginning to wonder about the wisdom in its constant use.

This is where the latest tool in my arsenal comes in to play, Content Foundry.

Content Foundry

(I am not going to rehash the sales pitch, you can read this for yourself on the Content Foundry website.)

All I need say here is that Content Foundry is an extremely powerful content scraper/generator that gives you the power to build huge local database of content with the flexibility to output unique content anyway you wish. It has been around over a year now, but is not often talked about. Sadly, this is probably as its fairly cheap and doesn’t offer affiliates large commissions (like Kontent Machine).

Content Foundry uses Google and Yahoo, alongside 67 different sources including article directories, medical journals, news sites and YouTube transcripts to generate text, image and video content based on given keywords.

It is unique to Kontent Machine and other generators because as it scrapes, it actually builds a reusable local database of content, allowing it to be combined and accessed by multiple projects.This provides huge content sources to be drawn on at anytime.

Because of this power, there is is also a learning curve, but it is well worth the investment of time, as once you are up and running, it is a breeze to use. Especially with GSA Search Engine output templates and article generation.

I strongly recommended checking it out. It will work on a desktop or VPS. Proxies are recommended but not compulsory.

The two main things I use it for on an almost daily basis are:

GSA Search Engine Ranker Content Generation

This is where this piece of kit comes into it’s own.

Once you have scraped content stored and have set up a project, giving it your money site links, authority links, anchor text and keywords, you can generate a ridiculous amount of unique content for GSA Search Engine Ranker in the press of a button. It automatically creates a new project or updates an existing one.

In seconds, it will literally generate, spin and refresh you GSA tier projects with:

  • 5000 – Article titles
  • 5000 – Sentences
  • 5000 – Comments
  • 5000 – 250 Word Blurb
  • 5000 – 450 Word blurb

It will also create brand new GSA SER projects with the same ease, using any existing project as basis for the new one. You can literally build out a 3 tier, multiple target site structure with unique, contextually relevant  content in a few minutes. Plus keep it refreshed as needed.

The quality of content is very good even at the level of about, blurb and comments, where I find Kontent Machine seriously lacking. Although it is not perfect, it is all extremely unique and contextually relevant.

Here is a guide showing how easy using Content Foundry is to generate content for GSA Search Engine Ranker:

RankWyz and Article Generation

The other main way I use Content Foundry is for article generation for Rankwyz. Rankwyz is a blogging network tool that allows you to easily create and auto manage web2.0 blog networks. The only thing missing is the content…

Luckily Content Foundry has an extremely flexible article generator that allows you to easily generate 1000′s of unique articles. As Content Foundry builds up a local database, every scraped article is saved and available, after just a short time, you will have your own huge resource of content to draw upon.

I have 3 main article templates set up that I simply apply to the project in order to create RankWYZ articles:

  1. 300/1000 Word Article +  no links
  2. 300/1000 Word Article – 1-3 authority links
  3. 300/1000 Word Article – 1-3 authority links + Money site link

These 3 options cover me for all article types. I tend not to include links on my new Rankwyz blogs for the first few posts to try and avoid spam filters, so therefore use option one.

Once the blog is up and running, I then mostly use Option Two. This creates natural looking link structures, linking out to authority sites in the niche of the article or blog network.

I use Scrapebox to generate these authority links. I scrape URLS based on core keywords, then filter out low PR and low Alexa ranking so I am left with random, high PR quality links in that niche. I then keep them organised for reuse later on.

Then, when I am ready to drip feed my blog network with articles linking to money sites, I use option three.

There are many settings in Content Foundry to play with that adjusts output so you can create unlimited unique articles that leave no footprint and are highly readable.

Content Foundry Article Settings

Some of these are:

  • Allow first paragraph to be readable “Decoy Intro” – helps avoid manual detection. Great for the first few posts of a blog.
  • 10 Million article title templates
  • Different types of Algorithm to build content
  • Include citations, lists, quotes and sub-headings
  • Article length
  • Images + Videos
  • I don’t use spin files for Rankwyz, but there is a built in spinner or your can use your WordAI API for both standard and Spinning.

Here is a walk through I put together showing how easy it is to generate bucket loads of great articles for your Rankwyz blogs in minutes:

Wrapping It Up

OK, so that shows you how I have been using Content Foundry to rank sites. It has now pretty much replaced all my other content generators, as it is just so much more powerful and adaptable than anything else on the market.

There is a learning curve, as with most software. However after a day or so scraping content and playing with different output settings, I was up and running.

If you do check out the software, let me know what you think and if you have any questions.

Pricing And Coupon Codes

Content Foundry is very cheap, although it is only available on a monthly/yearly subscription and costs $25/$20 a month. Like all good subscription software, it gets updated very often with more features and content sources being added all the time.

If you use my affiliate link you can sign up to the Content Foundry and pay just $5 for a one month trial.

Otherwise, you can use these Content Foundry Coupon Codes to get an ongoing discount:

Yearly Coupon: CFMCE1-YEARLY for $197    [$52 discount]

Monthly Coupon: CFMCE1-MONTHLY for $19/month    [$6 discount]

Case Study: GSA Search Engine Ranker vs RANKwyz

GSA SER vs Rankwyz

June Update: I have been getting a lot of inquiries as to the progress of this case study. Unfortunately the industry this case study is related to has run into some problems with regards to the FCA. The company I partnered cannot accept any more leads until the issues are resolved. Therefore I have put this project on hold until I get the green light. In the meantime have focused resources elsewhere and I am looking to test these tools in a different, more stable niche. Apologies.

Just thought I’d drop a quick update. Pretty busy at the moment with projects which is great, but means I have less time to do fun stuff like write this blog.

That said, I am in the process of a putting together a new case study that will look at two sites in the same niche being ranked by different methods.

One is driven by pure GSA Search Engine Ranker links, in a similar manner to my last case study, although in theory I’ve learned a bit more since then and my site lists have grown somewhat.

The second will be using a tier one consisting of RANKwyz web 2.0 blogs which will be powered up by GSA SER links. I am still pretty new to Rankwyz and have been busy building out 3 blog networks in different general topics.

This case study will help me learn to use it further and hopefully see how effective building blog networks in this way is.

New Niche

These new sites are in a financial lead generation niche, which is again a pretty aggressive field so it will be interesting to see what the results are. They are highly lucrative niches though so worth the work.

Both sites are up and running and I am just finishing off some content. This time I am using more unique material for the filler pages which most of it I am outsourcing to iWriter. (Tip: Pay the extra couple of bucks and use elite writers only. The quality difference is huge and it saves the ball ache of trying to get things rewritten…)

Progress So Far

The GSA Search Engine Ranker site is indexed already and ranks 65th for its top big money keyword. I have targeted quite a few others as well. I have started to drip feed tier one links.

The Rankwyz site is a week behind content wise and has no links built yet – but the Rankwyz blog network is being indexed and maturing in the background, so it balances out for when I do link it all  up…once I work out how to do it!

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated.

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