Buy Live Site Lists For GSA SER Search Engine Ranker

I get a lot of people asking about where to get good target site lists for link building software, such as GSA SER, so I’ve been meaning to post this link to Matt Loopline’s new Auto Approve Site List service for a few weeks now. Unfortunately increased workload (and fatherhood) has got in the way, so apologies. […]

The Spam Site is Dead – Long Live The Spam Site

Well guys it finally happened.. After 7 months of ranking and banking, my humble spam site got hit by Penguin 3.0. Although a little upset, I am not surprised, as I have been waiting for this day to come. The good news is I can test the 301 redirect theory out, which I have already put into place […]

How To Find The Most Profitable Affiliate Programs For Your Niche

The most common question I’ve been asked recently is how to find a product to sell with an high payout affiliate program. I have put together a step-by-step guide to finding a profitable products to sell below, but first we must look at choosing a profitable niche to operate within. Doing so means we have done market and keyword research and […]

Avoiding SEO Footprints: Regaining Internet Privacy

Ok, so after being hit by some manual penalties over the weekend, I have now become more aware of avoiding SEO footprints and the potential privacy threats in the accounts I use. I am now convinced that it was not just the Google Webmaster Tool account that was reviewed. There was a parked domain, not registered with any […]

Hit With A Google Manual Penalty: Thin Content

I woke up Saturday morning to emails from Google Webmaster Tools stating that I had been hit with a manual penalty for Thin Content on a number of sites. As I scrolled through the emails trying to get a gauge on what was happening, I was having mixed emotions. One was that I’ve popped my cherry, and was now […]